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Aviation terms and their meanings - important for you to know!

Air Traffic Control (ATC):

Air traffic control is a service provided by air traffic controllers to supervise and direct aircraft flights.


The runway is the path used by aircraft to take off and land.

Taxi line:

Taxiway is a path used by aircraft to move on land at an airport, between the runway, terminal and parking area.


The departure gate is an area in the airport terminal where aircraft are parked to board or disembark passengers.


Altitude is the vertical distance of an aircraft from sea level, measured in feet or meters.

Air Speed:

Airspeed is the speed of an aircraft relative to the surrounding air, measured in knots or miles per hour.

Go to:

Heading is the direction the nose of the aircraft is facing in magnetic degrees.

Cabin crew:

Cabin crew are aircraft crew who are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers in the aircraft cabin.


The cockpit is the aircraft control room where the pilot and copilot operate the aircraft.


Approval is permission given by ATC to an aircraft to perform certain actions such as taking off, landing or changing trajectory.


Emergency doors are special doors on aircraft that are used for evacuation in emergency situations.


Air disturbances are vibrations or unstable movements in the air that can affect the comfort of passengers and aircraft.


Flaps are surfaces on an airplane wing that can be adjusted to change flight characteristics such as increasing lift.

Landing Gear:

Landing gear is the device used by aircraft to land and take off on the runway.

ICAO Code:

ICAO codes are four-letter codes used to identify international aircraft and airports for example KLAX for Los Angeles International Airport.


Transponders are devices on airplanes that send radar signals that help ATC track airplanes.

May day:

The word emergency is used to indicate a situation that threatens the safety of the aircraft.


The act of entering a transponder code assigned by ATC to identify an aircraft.

Short Detention:

Instructions for aircraft not to cross the runway before receiving permission.